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ThingsCon is a global initiative to explore and promote the development of fair, responsible, and human-centric technologies for the IoT and beyond. We think that the educational part is as important as always. Let us share some of our plans and we invite you to participate. 


9-13:00. Masterclasses for students
We will provide a choice of masterclasses for students to join. You will be active in exploring good things about the connected home, ethics, and other topics to be announced.
The masterclasses will be facilitated by some of the best teachers together with a selection of our speakers to reflect on the work that will be done.
From our experiences of last year, you can expect an inspiring experience. To give you an idea; we are now shaping these masterclasses:

To be able to join the masterclasses you need to be registered as student participant.

10:00-18:00. Exhibition of the best student work
We invite all students to send in their work that would fit a ThingsCon exhibition. Every participant of ThingsCon can check out the works and we will have an hour for a meet&greet of visitors and students.
All works are part of the ThingsCon Student competition. From all works, a selection will be made for the pitches, next to public voting.

The exhibition is open for everyone to see (also non-registered users)! The meet&greet 15:00-16:00 CET with the 18 teams is open for registered participants only.

14:00-15:30. Early Career Researchers: The Survival Guide

This collaborative session anchors in the experiences of several researchers at different stages in their careers, some centered more in academia and some more in activism. From our shared reflections, we’ll write a survival guide for studying responsible technology and recommendations for how to make the most of your research career. 

Hosted by Jon Rogers and Michelle Thorne, OpenDoTT. 

15:30-17:00. Teaching session

Two years ago at ThingsCon we discussed in a panel the role of ethics in design education. This year we like to pick up that discussion by do a reflection on what has changed in the last years and where we are now. Next to that we like to relate this to the future developments of designing beyond Human Centred Design. What does that mean for the educational programs? And how does ethics play a role here?

With short introductions by Peter van WaartHeather Wiltse, and Michel Witter. Hosted by Andrea Krajewski & Iskander Smit

19-21:00. Pitch & party
The selected works will be pitched in short presentations. Join our quiz after and we will close with a special performance after announcing the winning projects.


As we have a limited capacity for sessions we expect students that register to be able to join the masterclasses, and/or are sending in work for the exhibition. Be sure to check your calendar if you can make it!

Interested in sending in your work, go to this form. You find more on the criteria and timelines. Please complete the form 15 November at the latest 22 November at the latest.

To participate in the masterclasses you need to be registered with a student ticket 22 November at the latest. We will have a limited capacity for the masterclasses and let you know directly after 22 November how to sign up for the masterclasses.