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Friday is dedicated to look back, and ahead. Through a number of formats and sessions we are planning to look back at the conference week, as well as at what happened in 2020. And we’ll look ahead at what’s to come, where and how to have the biggest positive impact going forward.

The day will be structured around some short, inspirational keynotes followed by Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions: These offer a great opportunity to directly connect directly with amazing, high-profile speakers.

And of course we’ll recap the best and most interesting happenings from the whole week, and wrap it up in some nicely social way. ’cause let’s face it, we all need 2020 to end on good note!

Schedule (all times CET)

10:00 – Room open
11:00 – Kick-off by team ThingsCon
11:05 – AMA session Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino
11:50 break
12:00 – look-back on Make Monday by Pieter Diepenmaat
12:05 – AMA session Vladan Joler
12:50 – break
13:00 – open room, time to lunch and chat
14:00 – look back at Talent Tuesday by Andrea Krajewski
14:05 – AMA session Matt Webb
14:50 – break
15:00 – Launch ThingsCon RIOT Report 2020, AMA with authors
15:45 – break
16:00 – look-back sessions Wednesday
16:05 – AMA session Patrick Tanguay
16:50 – break
17:00 – look-back sessions Thursday by Iskander Smit
17:05 – AMA session Nadya Peek
18:00 – closing, open room!