Student masterclass

IoT cares for you

Tuesday 8 December; 9:30-13:00

The Internet of Things promises a connected world that transparently supports a life in comfort for those who (know how to) use it. Augmented by smart algorithms and lots of juicy personal data, the technology is presented like a butler that seemingly acts on our thoughts and if necessary, on our voices. The future is fantastic! Or is it? This workshop critically explores the techno-optimistic vision that is implicit in many IoT endeavors. Hop along, it will be fun!

The workshop

The workshop critically investigates the dynamic multi-person / multi-activity scenarios around connected and smart products. It aims to surface the complexities that arise when designing connected products and when value systems of users, designers and companies clash.The workshop is designed to be completely online, we will use a video conferencing platform to present and talk and use a Miro based IoT Sandbox to collaborate. The workshop takes place on Tuesday 8th of December 2020, starting at 9:30, ending at 13:00. We will hand out a homework assignment before the workshop.

impression of the IoT Sandbox

Workshop organisers

  • Joep Frens is assistant professor in the FE cluster. He has a design background and specialises in deigning for (rich) interaction in growing systems.
  • Mathias Funk is associate professor in the FE cluster. He has a background in computer science and specialises in systems design from a design tools perspective


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