Register for Good Things Fest 2020

Great that you want to register for Good Things Fest 2020. We have a special edition this year as we are fully online. That does not mean though that we don’t have any costs. We are happy to partner again with CLICKNL to cover the basic costs. But we like to make it even more special, so we hope we can count on your support.

We leave it open for everyone to decide what you can pay.

We know that 2020 has been a harder year for most, so we want to make it possible to join easily. For students and those in early stages of their career, tickets are free no matter what (while supply lasts). For anyone else, it’s pay-as-you-can. Since many people asked for recommendations, as a guideline we recommend 50-100eu for professionals, 200-300eu for companies wanting to support the event and this community.
ThingsCon is a volunteer powered community event, but we try to pay speakers a honorarium and we have hard external costs to pay. But above all, we appreciate everything within your capacity and hope to see you at the event.

I like to register
(pay as you can)
I like to register
and pay 25 eu
I like to register
and pay 75 eu
I like to register
and pay 250 eu
I like to register
as student

What do you register for?

We will have sessions that have an unlimited capacity, but -as every year- we will have a lot of sessions with a limited capacity. You need to be registered separately to be able to apply for these sessions. We will let all registered participants know more details before the conference how to sign up for the sessions.

If you like to receive a special ThingsCon badge at home, be to register before Wednesday 25 November!