Early Career Researchers: The Survival Guide

Tuesday 8 December 14:00-15:30 CET

Read the report made by Michelle Thorne at the OpenDoTT website.

This collaborative session anchors in the experiences of several researchers at different stages in their careers, some centered more in academia and some more in activism. From our shared reflections, we’ll write a survival guide for studying responsible technology and recommendations for how to make the most of your research career. 

Hosted by Jon Rogers and Michelle Thorne, OpenDoTT. 

OpenDoTT is a PhD programme  from Northumbria University and Mozilla to  explore how to build a more open, secure, and trustworthy Internet of Things.

The challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT) require interdisciplinary thinking. OpenDoTT will train five Early Stage Researchers with backgrounds in design, technology, arts and activism to create and advocate for connected products that are more open, secure, and trustworthy.

Prof Jon Rogers – Northumbria University

Jon is Professor of Design at Northumbria University. His work explores the human intersection between digital technologies and the design of physical of things. He balances playful technologies with cultural and societal needs to find new ways to connect people to each other and to their data in an approach that explores not just what is possible but also what is responsible. Jon was previously a Senior Research Fellow at Mozilla and has worked with organisations like BBC, Microsoft, NASA, and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Michelle Thorne – Mozilla

Michelle is a Senior Program Officer at the Mozilla Foundation and leads the OpenDoTT PhD program with Mozilla and the University of Dundee. She regularly facilitates programs that advance innovation through open, collaborative practices and advocate for equality through digital empowerment and peer learning. She founded Mozilla’s Open Internet of Things Studio, the Mozilla Festival and Maker Party. She is currently interested in making the internet carbon-neutral.