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CoastX Awareo’scope

Raise awareness in the Scheveningen boulevard we decided to make a periscope to raise awareness in a fun and interactive way

As a start we would like to introduce ​our client​, Living Lab Scheveningen the project in which new digital inventions are tested in public spaces in order to improve the quality of life in ways such as increased safety, protect nature by limiting light and noise as much as possible, keep the area clean and offer better internet connectivity. Scheveningen was chosen because this is an area where people live, work and enjoy their free time. There is beach, nature, but also a port and industry. ​Scheveningen​ also has many visitors every year, especially in the summer. The project was recently launched as a part of the ​Smart City​ The Hague program. This stimulates (digital) innovation throughout The Hague and thus contributes to an attractive living and working environment for the residents, companies and visitors.

The Problem​ we are trying to solve is that there is a lack of awareness amongst visitors and residents when it comes to the data that is being collected on the boulevard through sensors, such as motion and noise level, placed by the Hague Municipality in the area of Scheveningen. Our goal​ is to create a smart object that is able to react to the user input in order to create awareness amongst the aforementioned target group, concerning data collection, by encouraging curiosity and interaction in a playful manner. ​Our design vision​ is to help in creating a more comfortable future based on transparency between the Municipality and the people. Due to the 14 million visitors that Scheveningen is receiving annually, our target group is diverse. Including any nationality, but especially Europeans, and any age group from 7 years old and upwards.

UniversityThe Hague University of Applied Sciences
Innovation & Technology
Project typeSemester choice – Smart Objects (2nd year, part of study)
StudentsTimo Bega
David Kabelitz
Tudor Grecu
Andres Vasquez

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