Talent project

The Butterfly in the Room

A Meditation about More-Than-Human-Centered Design

The Butterfly in the Room takes visitors on a journey through the hidden networks of actors that surround us all. It was created with the intention to serve as an object for discourse on more-than-human design, to give designers the opportunity to explore the subject and related consequences of their own design. The project deals with the question of how the invisible networks of actors are influenced by human design and how these consequences and the networks themselves can be made visible. Based on the previous research project, Entangled Interfaces, a network of actors surrounding an unnamed Internet Of Things (IoT) device was explored and analyzed.

UniversityHochschule Darmstadt
University of Applied Science Darmstadt, h_da
Project typeGraduation project
StudentsMaximilian Brandl
Philipp Kaltofen

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