Talent project


a system of rings, which allows couples to harmonize auditory and emotionally in togetherness

For expectant parents who want to relax and have fun in the stress of everyday life, BeepMeep is an interactive entertainment system that enables the pregnant couple to create harmonies together in an easy and playful way with closeness and touch. By putting on the two rings per partner, both of actively take part in using the system.

Now it’ s time for the fun to begin.
BeepMeep reacts to the movement and distance of the partners from each other. Depending on how you move, how fast and in which direction, the resulting sound changes. In interaction, both partners can now create sounds that unite to form melodies. Further tones are added as soon as the couple starts to touch each other. Touches open up a further level of tones and also a further level of perception for the couple. With BeepMeep, the intense experience of physical interaction can now also be perceived auditory.

UniversityHochschule Darmstadt
University of Applied Sciences
Interactive Media Design
Project type4th semester minor project
StudentsAli Haidari
Gloria Maksimovi
Nini Parlagaschwili
Han Tran

Extra information

The touch of the partner is evaluated by so-called galvanic skin response sensors and converted into sounds. The Galvanic Skin Response method measures the conductivity of the skin based on moisture. In this way, the sensations of the partner are recorded by changes in the resistance of the skin and converted into sounds.

Using motion sensors and Bluetooth Low Energy, further data on the conversion of closeness and movement into sounds is determined.