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An explorative experience to create chance encounters

As our mobility solutions evolved, our travel experiences became more isolated within the bubble of our vehicles. We go from one point to another with no other intention but to get to our destination. As we do, we miss opportunities for new connections and engagement along the way. The project challenge is to find a sustainable and feasible mobility solution for visitors and residents in a sparsely populated Biosphere Reserve, along Road 363 and the Vindeln River Valley, to create a fair and balanced rural development. The solutions aim to solve the mobility challenge and provoke a behavioral change towards a convivial society.
We explored diverse ways of establishing a connection between the visitors and the residents. This helped us understand the lack of awareness of the presence of what is surrounding you while moving from one place to another. Aura is an explorative experience that facilitates engagement opportunities for visitors and residents by raising awareness of the presence of people, local businesses, and nature along the way.

UniversityUmea Institute of Design
ProjectGraduation project for ‘General Product course’
StudentsManu Revi Poovakkat
Nancy Valerdi
Lea Bachmann
Connie Jehu

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