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A modular system for autistic children

Individuals on the autistic spectrum have difficulty learning processes as a whole, as this requires high cognitive performance. These are everyday processes for neurotypical (non-autistic) people – like brushing your teeth. To counteract this and to support autistic children, Amon sets out to aid children in the developmental stage of their pre-school years. It is a modular system that offers parents and autistic children support in learning individual processes as part of their everyday life. Sequences of actions are divided into individual steps and the child is guided towards independent and structured learning. The learning process is aided by visually highlighting the different steps of a process with illuminated “Pucks”. The Pucks can be applied to objects individually in order to make them intelligent and helpful. Pictograms on a so-called “Fixed Point” provide additional safety for autistic children and visually signal at which step in the learning process they currently are. A “Base” is provided especially for the parents to reflect the child’s successes and learning progress.

UniversityHochschule Darmstadt
University of Applied Sciences
Interactive Media Design
Project typeBachelor Thesis
StudentsLisa-Marie Rosendorff
Marie A.C. Steinbrügge

Extra information

The Project has been awarded in 2019 with the Dörte-Wörner Innovation Prize.

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