Invention + Adventure = Inventure.

During this hands on workshop you will create flexible circuits with sound, movement and light for walls, wearables, and objects.

We will explore social and psychological topics of invention and entrepreneurship throughout the session individually and in teams. Finally, we will use our projects to navigate a story building machine called Mission Control : The Game.

No experience in electronics necessary. Basic and beast makers – all welcome!

This is a code-free workshop, with everything you need in Kit A*. However if you want to BYOM  (bring your own microcontroller) and code along, we have you covered in Kit B and C*!  Make ON!

Kit A- Basic-  This kit contains everything you need to make the projects – no code!

35 EUR

Kit B- Beast- This kit contains the same components as the Basic kit + Launchpad for Micro:bit and Adafruit CLUE + Nexus Board + Space Tape. -microcontroller not included.

65 EUR

Kit C- Beast- This kit contains the same components as the Basic kit + The Space Station Set + Nexus Board + Space Tape for Arduino –  MKR, NANO, Raspberry Pi – ZERO, Adafruit – Feather. -microcontroller not included.

85 EUR

In the afternoon we remix our creations together!

After the workshop has ended, we invite you to take what you created and remix it any way you like. Take whatever interests, skills and materials you have to make it bigger, make it smaller, make it friendlier, .. We will ask you to keep your channels open during this process, so you can share knowledge, fun, inspiration or just friendly company with Jessica and the others participated in the workshop. For a (preliminary) schedule, check the Make & Remix Monday page.

by Jessica Cobb

Jessica Cobb, founder of Mission Control Lab, is an emerging technologist and serial entrepreneur. She carries the torch for the Maker Movement while spending her career developing 21st Century tools, talent and products in startups, big brands and government initiatives across Edtech, Medtech and beyond. She founded Mission Control Lab as a startup platform to pioneer products that ignite inclusion, innovation and a greater participation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. She operates with her team in Utrecht, The Netherlands, democratizing access to the future of work with her latest initiative, MakeON.