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Providing a sense of feedback in medical research, by generating a relaxing audiovisual experience based on participantís personal research data

Nightlight-noisescape is a concept for new sensory technology developed by Yumen Bionics and Ann.ID. This technology facilitates the possibility to more independently measure muscle activity of young adults that partake in medical research with muscle dystrophy.

The objective of the design challenge was to give these participants a greater sense of feedback within the research process, and something that provides a positive note to an otherwise abstract procedure. This concept has to bring the data back to the user, in a positively framed manner.

By utilizing internet connectivity to retrieve uploaded research data, the concept constructs an audiovisual experience, with the goal of creating a soothing atmosphere to induce a calm and reflective mood.

This concept creates more tangible, short-term milestones within research. By creating a regular reflective ritual for the user, the product builds a greater degree of ownership of the process as well as a more independent experience for the patient.

UniversityThe Hague University of Applied Sciences
Innovation & Society
Project typeSemester project Smart objects (2nd year)
StudentsElmo Koning
Kees de Nijs
Jakub Weissgerber
Alexander Kidwell

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