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Ethics Compass

More diversity, please! The Ethics Compass, an interactive workshop concept, helps to foster diversity and inclusion in the context of tech

Whenever we design or develop something, there will be someone on the other side who will use our product or service in the end. Do we want those people to feel discriminated by our work? No! But there are still lots of bad examples out there that do discriminate against people. And in most cases this discrimination could be avoided. The graduation project Ethics Compass is an interactive workshop concept that was initially created to foster and encourage diversity and inclusion in the context of Artificial Intelligence. However, the concept can be extended to technology (also IoT) and design in general and is relevant for everyone who works (or will work) in the design/tech industry. With the Ethics Compass we want to sensitize everyone, who is involved in the creation process of a tech product or service, where possible discrimination has its origin and what we need to change in order to avoid it and foster diversity instead.

UniversityUniversity of Applied Sciences Darmstadt
Project typegraduation
StudentsJulia Metzmaier
Jessica Hammer
(Jessi is not taking part in the IoT Talent Award but we did this together)