Connected CardBot Challenge

Learn how to build a cardboard telepresence robot, using the Smartibot platform, and then create an escape room-type game experience, for other participants to play remotely by controlling the robot. The workshop will cover basic cardboard modelling techniques, simple JavaScript programming, using the telepresence system and rudimentary game mechanics. No prior experience is required.

We will send to participants:
Smartibot Kit
2 x 9g Servo Motors

30 EUR material cost

Other items needed:

The robot template PDF printed on an A4 sheet of paper
Some corrugated cardboard (ideally single-layer, like Amazon boxes)
A glue gun and glue sticks
A craft knife or scalpel
A surface you can cut on

In the afternoon we remix our creations together!

After the workshop has ended, we invite you to take what you created and remix it any way you like. Take whatever interests, skills and materials you have to make it bigger, make it smaller, make it friendlier, .. We will ask you to keep your channels open during this process, so you can share knowledge, fun, inspiration or just friendly company with Ross and the others participated in the workshop. For a (preliminary) schedule, check the Make & Remix Monday page.

By Ross Atkin

The Crafty Robot is run by designer and engineer Ross Atkin in London. Ross is a product designer, engineer and researcher with extensive experience designing and building connected products for major manufacturing companies. His work focuses mainly on assistive technology and physical accessibility and, along with Akram, he is a member of BBC’s ‘The Big Life Fix’ ‘Fix Team’.