Rural Mobility

Wednesday 9 December; 13:30-15:00

Rural Mobility

New mobility products and services for cities are launched (and disappear) every few months. But since 41% of Europe’s population is living in cities, what about the countryside and towns where more than half of people live?

In this session we want to travel the countryside and together explore what mobility habits, developments and opportunities can be found there.

Learn from experts

For this 90 minutes session, we invited a small group of experts to share their knowledge on rural mobility:

Stefan Zoll, Ioki will talk about Connecting the country to the city with the help of algorithms

Mathias Großklaus, neuland21 will talk about the why mobility is such an important part of their vision for a future country side

Lieke Ypma, – Mobility in life contexts / people-centred mobility – will talk about Life changing situations and triggers for mobility behaviour change

Ideate to facilitate behaviour change

These short presentations will provide inspiration for all of us to ideate on how we can make (future) rural mobility to be more inclusive and sustainable. The focus will be on how people can best be supported to change their mobility behaviour.

We look forward to seeing you in the session,
Pieter Diepenmaat & Andrea Krajewski